The Ewing Township Historic Preservation Society


​           The Ewing Township Historic Preservation Society is embarking on a five-year capital campaign to make the Benjamin Temple House fully accessible and fully restored.  We also want to develop revolving exhibits that display the many items collected and stored at the house.  Our goal is to celebrate our golden anniversary with a vibrant, inviting and functional museum.

Circle of Friends

Yes, I would like to support the Ewing Township Historic Preservation Society and

"The Ewing Museum" Campaign Fund by contributing:

       ~  $50.00 will help support our plans to create
            new exhibits for the 1750's section of the museum.

        ~  $100.00 will help restore sections of the 1840's 
            part of the house.

        ~  $500.00 will help improve accessibility
            to the museum.

        ~  Your additional donation of any amount 
             will help us with our campaign.


Please list your total donation on the PAYPAL site

if you choose to submit your payment to PAYPAL.


    1.  Total your donation.
    2.  Click on the donate to "Paypal" button to the right.
    3.  Type your dollar amount at the cursor to the right of "0.00" on PAYPAL's site.
    4.  Click on the the button - "Donate with PAYPAL".
    5.  Type in your email address and password for PAYPAL and "Log In".
    6.  Please click on "Share Your Address" so we can send you a thank you and a charitable tax donation form.
    7.  Click on "Donate Now".
    8.  You will be returned to the ETHPS website.​


​    1.  Total your donation.
    2.  Make your check payable to ETHPS.
    3.  Please include your address so we can send you a thank you and a charitable tax donation form.
    4.  Mail to ETHPS, 27 Federal City Road, Ewing NJ 08638.

I understand that my gift to The Ewing Capital Campaign Fund is separate from my membership dues.

Thank you so much for your contribution to "The Ewing Museum"!

      Located at the Benjamin Temple House, Drake Farm Park

                           Future Home of the Ewing Museum

    27 Federal City Road, Ewing NJ 08638  ~ 609-883-2455

                   Hours of the Benjamin Temple House Museum and Library 

                                           The House is now closed on Wednesdays.

                  Other times by appointment with the Site Manager, Ellie Calcagno.

                                   Free House Tours the first Sunday of Every Month

                                                 are cancelled until  further notice.